Assisted Living Facility in Burlington County, NJ

Assisted Living Facility in Burlington CountyAssisted Living lies somewhere between living independently or living in a Skilled Nursing Facility. A nursing home provides care for the elderly and disabled. Usually their conditions are chronic and require a specially trained medical staff. We offer residence for those who need some level of help performing everyday actives, such as cooking, bathing and dressing.

Assisted living is for those who need a certain level of help and supervised care, but are generally able to move about freely without supervision and have no other healthcare or mental conditions to constrain them. Seniors in Assisted Living are still able to participate in an active lifestyle, while receiving the benefit of a trained staff in the same facility if help is needed.

Our assisted living services vary depending upon each resident’s needs. Some services are available for all residents: food is served daily, three times a day, housekeeping and laundry are provided, there are also shopping expeditions and transportation if needed. If necessary, additional assistance is available with hygiene, bathing and dressing, financial management, or help with medications to list some of the services.

Assisted Living allows residents to maintain as much independence as possible, while still receiving some assistance with daily activities.

When assisted living care is no longer appropriate, we discuss Skilled Nursing or dementia care with the resident’s family.