This year for Christmas we are asking for donations for the residents.

Donations can be dropped off on the Front Porch in the designated boxes.
Put “Attention Activity Department” on a note and attach to your gifts.
Please do not wrap your donation.
We will divide the gifts into individual Christmas bags and distribute to the residents. We especially need small table top Christmas trees and wreaths for the Resident rooms. Donations to be dropped off by Saturday December 12th.
Thank you!

Here is a list of donation requests:
Small Christmas Trees for Resident Rooms
Christmas decorations for Resident Rooms
Craft kits (i.e. small birdhouses to paint)
Art supplies, pastels, water color paper, drawing pads
Art and craft sets
Liquid Soap, unscented
Stuffed Animals (small)
Tissue Boxes
Non-Slip Socks
Combs or vented brushes
Emery Boards, Nail Polish and remover
Cotton balls and cotton rounds
Colgate or Crest toothpaste
Small puzzles
Candy Canes
Peanut butter crackers (store wrapped)
Hard Candy (store wrapped)
Hand lotion
Chocolates (store wrapped)
Cookie Packages,
Costume jewelry
Scarfs (dollar store)
Crossword, sudoku, word find books
Pens, pencils, note paper
Bobby pins
Hair accessories
Questions? 856-829-2274 x151 or ask for Mary Ellen
Gifts can be brought to:
Riverview Estates, 303 Bank Ave, Riverton, NJ 08077
Thank you for sharing your Christmas Joy!